Policies & Guidelines

We reserve the right to refuse a kitten sale to anyone at anytime if we do not feel the kitten is a good fit for that specific family.  Due to recent events, we have revised our guidelines to not sell a kitten under 6 months of age to a home where a child is under the age of 8 or so, but this is on an individual basis depending on if the child has had another pet in the home & knows how to respect  a pet.  We feel that an older kitten to young adult is the more appropriate choice for a young child under the age of 8 because it is bigger, stronger, & more able to defend itself if it feels it has to, and it is able to get away from the child easier if it has had enough.

We do not ever permit our cats/kittens to be declawed, this is mutilation for convenience sake, & if the furniture is more important than the cat's overall health & well being, then we would encourage those people to not inquire about a pet.

We do not permit our cats/kittens to be allowed outside to free roam.  They may have free run of a space like a screen room, pool deck, lanai, etc.  Those areas are not considered "outside" by us, but we know some people that do consider that type of area outside, & that's fine.  If you want to take your Turkey truly outside with you, then we'd encourage training to harness & leash, or the use of a pet stroller.  We have had several of our TA's take quite well to the harness & leash, & enjoy spending a few minutes watching the world go by from the safety of it, always attended by the person holding the end of it!

Due to recent limitations passed by the USDA/APHIS, we are no longer able to ship ANY cat/kitten "sight unseen".  That sadly also means that photos, videos, etc are considered "sight approval".  They are requiring face to face meetings with the cat/kitten, so anyone interested must either fly in or drive in to collect their cat/kitten in person, or have a friend/family member, etc. that is in the area pick the cat/kitten up FOR you.  The friend/family member IS permitted to ship the cat to you via air cargo if weather permits.  We do NOT agree with these new regulations, but have no choice but to comply.

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