Grimoire Turkish Angoras

 CH/PR Grimoire's April Showers, AKA "Nine"

(CatNappers Duncan MacCloud of Grimoire x GC/GP Folie A Deux Bi & Large of Grimoire)

Birthdate 4/1/09.

Nine is a stunning amber eyed white girl with a near perfect profile, ears to die for & a long, elegant body structure.  She walks on her toes like a true prima ballerina.  I kick myself on a daily basis for spaying her :)  She is now living in National City, CA with Katie Hatcher, who will continue to show this fantastic girl to her fullest potential :)  We wish them MUCH success in their journey together!

 Grimoire's Audrey Hepburn of Zarafet

(CH Antioch Phoenix of Je Ris x Grimoire's Breakfast At Tiffany's)

Birthdate 9/7/11

Audrey is now living & showing near San Diego, California, with our good friend Jesse of Zarafet Turkish Angoras.  We have high hopes for this little girl's future & wish them all the best on their journey!

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