Grimoire Turkish Angoras

            Grimoire Turkish Angora Cats

                                Magic in the Making


    A Grimoire is traditionally a village "wise woman's" book.  One that she kept her recipes for herbals, medicines, and folk remedies in.  Today it's considered to be a witch's book of spells. 

          Here at Grimoire, we are continuing to work with the "recipes" for beautiful, loving, elegant, athletic, & healthy cats.

   We are a mother-daughter team of hobby breeders, Lisa & Sarah James, who actually owe the beginnings of Grimoire not to a Turk, but to a sweet brown patched tabby American Shorthair!  Without CH Char-Grimoire's Lady of the Lake, AKA Viv, there would be no Grimoire. 

   We welcome your visit to our site, & hope you will enjoy your stay.

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