About Us

We chose the cattery name of Grimoire because it reflects us, our own heritage, who we are, and what we are trying to create here with our breeding program.


We sincerely hope that you will fall under the spell of this mystical breed whose origins are rooted in the beginnings of the civilized world.  A time when many gods & goddesses were worshipped, feared and revered.


My name is Lisa James, owner, and partner with my daughter Sarah, who is the owner of our first Turkish Angora, PR KitnHevn Silver Lining.  Tani Scott, our mentor, was Silver's breeder.  She passed away from an aggressive form of cancer September 17, 2006.  We thank her for getting us hooked on the breed, & for trusting us to carry on her lines through her few remaining breeding cats.  There is not a day that goes by that we don't miss her still, & we strive to make her proud of what we are trying to achieve here. 

After Tani's passing, her remaining breeding cats went to select breeders to help perpetuate her lines.  CH KitnHevn Little White Lies, AKA Fishy, went to our good friend & mentor Kit Goodwin of Antioch Turkish Angoras.  He is now neutered & living the good life in a pet home.  CH KitnHevn's Bethany went to June & Angela of Bastra Turkish Angoras.  After producing a litter or two for these ladies, she is also spayed & remains at her home with them.  KitnHevn's Joie De Vivre went to Iris Tanner & Robert Zinck of Folie A Deux Turkish Angoras & achieved her Grand Champion title.  Joie has now also earned her DM award!  Joy is now retired & living in a pet home being the Queen of her domain.  We are thankful to have one of Joy's daughters here in our home, our beautiful GC/GP Folie A Deux Bi & Large of Grimoire, who is now herself retired & will remain here at home with us.  GC KitnHevn's Cloud Dancer stayed here & after he was neutered, went on the hunt for his Grand Premier title, which he earned in style.  Now he is in a pet home where he is the only pet & the king of his own castle.   Cloud's sister, CH KitnHevn Anna Katherine of Grimoire, stayed here with us & became our foundation queen.  Recently retired & spayed, lovely Katie is now also in her permanent pet home as a single cat, where the is the Queen of all she surveys, as well as her owners' hearts.  We would like to thank all of these wonderful people for their friendship along the way!

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