Grimoire Turkish Angoras

 CFA CH/AFCA GC,RW, TICA SGC,RW Grimoire's Shalamar of Hylanderclan

(CH KitnHevn Anna Katherine x CH KitnHevn Little White Lies)

Shalamar is a GORGEOUS AEW girl who has her mother's look, & her father's refinement.  She throws equally spectacular kittens, but none have found their way into show homes.  All of that is about to change, because we have her daughter Fizz, & she will make her show debut a little later this year!

CH KitnHevn's Anna Katherine of Grimoire

(KitnHevn's Punkin x KitnHevn Snow Bunny)

Katie was very dear to us because she was bred by Tani, & she gave us several litters of beautiful babies before she was retired in 2009 & placed in a loving pet home as the treasured only pet of a retired couple.  We miss her loving, affectionate ways, & her hugs, but have her equally as affectionate & loving grand daughter Fizz here to carry on her line. 

GC KitnHevn Joy De Vivre of Folie A Deux, DM

(CH KitnHevn's Bethany x KitnHevn's Oscar Madison)

Joy is a lovely girl who was recently retired & is now living the good life in a pet home in Arizona!  Beanie Baby (our cover girl on the home page) gets her good looks from her mother :)

CH KitnHevn's Bethany of Bastra

(Antioch Legolas of KitnHevn x GC KitnHevn Caribbean Contessa)

Beth's elegance, beauty, & charm endeared her to her owners, June & Angela of Bastra cattery.  She is Beanie Baby's grandmother, & we are very pleased to see that the succeeding generations of her offspring are continuing these traits.  She is also Katie's aunt, as Katie's mother is Bethany's littermate sister.  Retired now, she will remain at Bastra as a cherished pet for the rest of her hopefully long life.

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